Transformers Transfigured: review

Chicago’s Review Aug 30 – Sep5:

Tranformers Transfigured at Rotofugi. Summary: Nice effort, but disappointment.

Cool stuff, but there were like only a handful. And they weren’t even of the real Transformers. They were of some Japanese anime robots. Granted Japanese anime robots are still cool. But they ain’t no transformers that *I* grew up with. And the photos were pretty much just eye candy. The artist took photos of these toys and took them apart in photoshop and repeated parts changing opacity–which had a nice visual effect–and gave the illusion of transforming. But they weren’t actually transforming. It seemed there was a lot more potential to explore their transforming aspect.

The artist statement was nicely written. I would have liked to seen more of those concepts explored in the artwork. The ideas of how kids were exploited by the cartoons. How transformers are like blah blah combination of gods and animals.

The show was displayed on one section of a wall in a Japanese toy store–which is very welcome in Chicago. And the effort to showcase artwork of Japanese toys is a nice beginning with the efforts

appreciated. I would like to see more work displayed with greater depth explored.

(and oh, somehow i made into one of the photos in the photo gallery)

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