Year: 2003

2004 interpretation of the number

Here’s my email away message while i’m gone from work: 2004 will be an interesting year. Such a nice even number that you can easily divide into many slices of pizza. 2003 was a bit more hard to slice pizzas with. Hey, if you punch out “20.04” on a calculator, and look at it upside-down, …

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Cubs are World Series bound

This is so exciting to hear non-Cubs players talking about how the Chicago Cubs are a “World Series Team.” And you GOTTA love Todd Walker for turning down a starting position with the Indians to be a bench player for the Cubs with a lower salary: “I passed up starting jobs to put myself in …

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My holiday card, what should i do?

I’m looking for ideas for my holiday card which is gonna be really late. It’ll probably be sent out in January. Which of these January Holidays would make a good card?

where are the stars?

Is there something that city dwellers are missing by not being able to see the stars every night? Do we miss the context of where we live?

recently acquired books

This Book Will Change Your Life: 365 Daily Instructions for Hysterical Living by Benrik A Man, a Can, a Plan: 50 Great Guy Meals Even You Can Make by David Joachim Education of an E-Designer by Steven Heller The Evolution of Useful Things : How Everyday Artifacts-From Forks and Pins to Paper Clips and Zippers-Came …

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push buttons are fascinating

I’m sitting here absolutely fascinated by the tab button on my keyboard. You push it down and it pops back up. It’s like a five-year-old being entertained by all the buttons at museum exhibits. What is it with our fascination of push buttons? We just love to push them.

no abusive language at the DMV

I got my new drivers license today at the State Center in Downtown Chicago today. Inside they had signs all over the place saying: PLEASENO ABUSIVELANGUAGEOR CONDUCTwill be toleratedand may be cause forremoval and/or arrest

poem for the sticky tangerine

My hands used to be clean, but then this tangerine became a juiceball machine and destroyer of all hygiene. Once so tasty and juicy, now just messy and goosey. It’s all over the freakin place on my nose ears and face!