Year: 2003

A universal category system for everyone’s blog posts

It would be alot easier to surf blogs, if everyone had a consistent category structure. That way, I can read all the posts about a particular topic I’m interested in. Many people post about a wide variety of things, some that i’m interested in, alot that i’m not. Yeah, this shifts the focus from personalization …

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My friend, Library

Awww, Library. Such a good old friend, Library. Always there for you. Always so willing to give you knowledge. But Library doesn’t brag or show off its knowledge. Library just sits there and lets you come in. You ask Library a question, Library has an answer. Sometimes you have to dig into Library’s heart, but …

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Ice cream shop life lessons

A few life lessons I learned while working at an ice cream shop, the Yogurt Oasis, during college summers: 1) Don’t ever put gummy bears into the ice cream, they get very cold and hard; therefore, very difficult to chew. 2) When sticking your head under the frozen yogurt machine and filling your mouth with …

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