Flash Mobs are good for society

Many people complain that flash mobs are lame, because it’s a group of people that “can’t think for themselves.” Actually, in the contrary, flash mobs are bringing back something that has been missing more and more in American society… the community. Our current age is so focused on the individual, it’s refreshing to hear of people being social and in groups.

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Tom Saaristo
20 years ago

I get the same sh*t whenever I talk about having been in a fraternity. Maybe I’m out of line here, but fraternities are not about anti-social behavior or group-think. Anyone who has ever belonged to a legitimate fraternity or sorority can appreciate the social aspects and anyone who hasn’t could very well be surprised when history looks back on fraternal organizations with a renewed respect.

19 years ago

Well, I am pretty sure Clinton must have been in several sororities.

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