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Punching up the clarity, vibrance, and dehaze in Lightroom.

Photographing with a five-year-old iPhone

Most times your five-year-old iPhone works just fine as a camera. Today, I stepped off my train, and I looked up, the sunset nearly knocked me over. Whoa! So intense! I grabbed my iPhone from my pocket and snapped a few pics. Even though my iPhone 5s is well over five years old, it still […]

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Greeting cards as art

What do you do with all the greeting cards you receive? Keep them in a pile and then eventually recycle them? Perhaps you keep a hand-selected group, storing them in a box. Or maybe you put the greeting cards on display in your house. Think of that greeting card display as a display of art. […]

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Painted black boards at 110 N Wacker construction site in downtown Chicago

Construction-site black boards as art

The painted-black boards at constructions sites are so stark. Flat black atop coarse wood grain. Giant panels of wood meant to separate construction working from pedestrian walking. The walls are painted in a flat black to give a simple backdrop, and a simple method of graffiti deference. If someone tags the wood panel with spray […]

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Warhol wall

Andy Warhol. The art world darling. The Art Institute of Chicago is putting on a big Warhol show. Members get a special preview during October 17-19, 2019. Can’t get into the members preview of the Warhol show? Get a cool preview of the show OUTSIDE the museum. Just north of the Art Institute on Monroe […]

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Art on walls, or in hands

What is the utility of hanging a drawing on a wall? How often do people change their wall decorations? Do people today continue to buy images to hang on their walls? Should a drawing instead be viewed with one’s hands? Or referenced in a sketchbook. The Art Institute of Chicago has an exhibit of drawings, […]

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Giving meaning to every pixel in a QR code

My work locker is stuffed with candy. Actually, it’s overflowing with candy. I take breaks throughout the day, and stand by my locker snacking on all sorts of candy. It’s my attempt to eat less candy at my desk. Today, I rather enjoyed the quiet of the locker area. Our new workspaces at Tribune are […]

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