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Do searches for palindrome phrases coincide with palindromic days?

This week marks the palindrome week where every day is a palindrome. (Technically, it’s not the last time in our lifetime, this will happen again on 1/20/21) 9-10-19 • 91-0-199-11-19 • 91-1-199-12-19 • 91-2-199-13-19 • 91-3-199-14-19 • 91-4-199-15-19 • 91-5-199-16-19 • 91-6-199-17-19 • 91-7-199-18-19 • 91-8-199-19-19 • 91-9-19 Let’s celebrate palindromes. The internet has lots of […]

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Idea: photoshop 50 flags onto one pole

What would a flag pole look like with 50 flags all at the same height? Outside my window fly 50 state flags in a plaza. I love looking at these flags. On a very windy day, I’m thinking about making a video of each state flag. For each flag stand I would stand directly underneath […]

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The word “fascinating” comes from witchcraft

The etymology of the word “fascinating” comes from witchcraft. That explains why people say “fascinating” slowly, as though one is in a spell. I looked up “fascinating” because my three-year-old asked me what that word meant. I thought that “fascinating” would be related somehow to facets. Like the facets of a diamond are fascinating. But […]

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Paul Cezanne, "The Basket of Apples", c. 1893

Using a kaleidoscope lens at an art museum

Bring a cheap kaleidoscope lens with you to an art museum, and you’ll be guaranteed to have an ever-changing wonderful time. You can get one for $8 on Amazon (and you’ll also get a whole array of other fun lenses). The best artwork to view through a kaleidoscope lens is still life with fruit. Here […]

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Cutting up a book to scan it

Ever wish you could have a digital version of a book, but there is no kindle or PDF version available? One in book in particular I’d love to have on my phone at all times: Keri Smith’s “How to be an Explorer of the World“. Such an inspiring book. I love it. I want it […]

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Getting a BOOM boomerang

Have you ever used the interjection “BOOM!” when you think you are right, but actually you aren’t? If someone corrects your BOOM, they boomeranged you. Last weekend, I was explaining something to my three-year-old daughter. At the end of the explanation I confirmed it with a “BOOM!” But then she corrected me and gave the […]

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Stack of letters with love stamp

Love to mail

Mailing birth announcements today reminds me how much I love mailing things to people. Today I have a whole stack of love to share! I love how the postal mail is like the internet. Today I dropped off letters to an internet outpost (aka post office). I still have a more envelopes to address, and […]

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