Year: 2002

macintosh racing games

I’ve gotten addicted to 4×4 Evolution racing game while on vacation. I’ve made the most complete listing on the web of Macintosh racing games.

Art museum guard blog

I’m searching for reviews on the The Medici show at the Art Institute of Chicago, and not coming up with much. (here’s a page with links) If I were an art museum guard, I would talk to people about the art and then chronicle all the thoughts on an art blog. So then there would …

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Worst Case Scenario

I was considering purchasing the “Worst Case Scenario” Game. It seems like a fun game with interesting questions, but after reviewing an opened box at Restoration Hardware, I found that I was very unhappy with the cards in the game. When you play Trivial Pursuit, part of the fun is when you are reading off …

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no orange for microsoft

I was reminded of an email I sent to microsoft in september of this year. I have yet to hear a response from Microsoft. Microsoft Outlook is missing a very important feature. In the drop-down menu to colorize body text of an email, there a range of 16 colors to choose from. Amoung this super …

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box dropoff center

Finding boxes is a fine art. There should be centers where you drop off your used boxes. And then you could go there to pick up boxes too. The source for this idea was an instant message with my brother.

big zipper

It would be interesting to have a super large working zipper. So large each “tooth” of the zipper is six foot tall. There would be a weird feeling of how a zipper works. And I wonder what sound it would make. If any. In my search for the world’s largest zipper, I came across these …

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Thoughtsgiving Day

Someone recently commented on my blog:How come we don’t have Thoughtsgiving Day? Is it because in that sense we are going to have 365 Thoughtsgiving Days a year? My response:Thoughtsgiving day. Actually, wouldn’t thoughtsgiving day be a special day where you would give your thoughts to other people? Not just a day to come up …

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Planter public art

When sidewalk planters function like a Richard Serra sculpture.

for emergency purposes

I’ve got this motorized foam disc shooter at work. It’s fun to shoot people with these harmless foam discs at rapid succession. But i think it would be more fun to have lots of people with guns! Herein lies the genius idea. You know how there are fire box things with estinguishers “break in case …

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jose canseco

Here’s a book I remember from my childhood: The Top 100 “The Best Baseball Cards to Own”. You gotta check out that link to see who they have on the cover. Yes! Jose Canseco! I can see now why amazon doesn’t post a picture of the cover on their site.

atari on the internet?

I want to be able to play atari 2600 games over the internet. I know there is emulation programs that allow you play on your own computer. But how about playing a game of Combat with someone miles away?