for emergency purposes

I’ve got this motorized foam disc shooter at work. It’s fun to shoot people with these harmless foam discs at rapid succession. But i think it would be more fun to have lots of people with guns! Herein lies the genius idea.

You know how there are fire box things with estinguishers “break in case of fire”. Well, I’d made a boxes similiar to those, except they would have these shooters inside. And you wouldn’t have to break the glass to get them, you’d just open a little glass door.

Look out corporate america!

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laura k.
laura k.
21 years ago

is that a new one or the one you had already? i love that thing!!!

Tom Saaristo
20 years ago

I had commented on this before I saw this post…I thought it would be fun to break the glass, but that would be contrary to the safety of the gizmo itself. The foam discs certainly hurt a LOT less than those paint ball thingies! OUCH!

laura k.
laura k.
19 years ago

oh right, that’s a new one. with multi-colored fancy disks. i miss the old blue one with the yellow disks. did you have to retire that one because i lost all the disks? 😉

laura k.
laura k.
18 years ago

your old one wasn’t motorized. it was human-powered. either way, i think i need to put this item on my amazon wish list. it would make great entertainment when paired with a cat in the room.

laura k.
laura k.
18 years ago

didn’t really see it on amazon, but i did find it here: disc shooter

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