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#candypile hashtag on instagram

Candypile variations: Felix Gonzalez-Torres & Halloween

I regularly follow the #candypile hashtag on Instagram. Mostly to see people’s photos of Félix González-Torres’ candy pile installations at various museums. photo by oriane_trnat Fondation Louis Vuitton in Parisphoto by sfknycat The Met Breuer in New Yorkphoto by dmbdreamgirlat The Art Institute of Chicago The images for the #candypile hashtag change around this time of […]

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Chicago Cultural Center: Randolph Square ceiling

Not the Tiffany Dome

The Chicago Cultural Center is home to the world’s largest Tiffany glass dome. It’s beautiful. I love the Cultural Center. Now that I work across the street from this wonderful landmark, I’ve been eating my lunches in the room on the first floor, “Randolph Square.” Most times while I’m there, I check into Swarm/Foursquare. I’m […]

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warm sidewalk

Observations of first snow, 2018

First snow! Hooray! Snow normally arrives in Chicago on November 17th. Mother Nature Chicago tweeted a great graphic by the Chicago Tribune: This year, on November 11th, the snow as a tad early. I woke up a bit surprised to see snow on the ground. I put on my snow boots and my daughter’s shoes. […]

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Discussion for’s Word of the Day

The Word of the Day by is wonderful. Every day features a different, interesting word. Recent words include: dissemble, dopester, bewhiskered, fillip, grumphie, and univocal. The graphics are nice and brief. A very simple digestable explanation is featured on the graphic. These little squares are so handy—and sharable. If you’d like to dig a little bit […]

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Forever Orange

Forever Orange

The leaves on the trees outside my work window have been orange for a very long time. I believe they will continue to stay orange and will never fall off the trees. It’s like a painting created by nature. Thank you, nature.

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Volute stairs

Volute is related to the word revolve

The curly thing at the end of a staircase handrail is called a volute. Any architecture ornament that is a spiral is also called a volute. Today volute is’s Word of the Day. Volute. Why are curly, spiral things called volutes? Is volute based from some other word? TO THE ONLINE ETYMOLOGY DICTIONARY! The […]

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Collection of panoramic images photographed in Chicago

Using panoramic photo prints as origami paper

Today I was thinking about how I love photographing panoramic photos. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could make origami with these panoramic images? But origami is mostly done with square-shaped paper. Not long sheets of paper. Bummer—but wait! There is something close I can do. Many origami patterns exist for dollar bills! You can […]

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20181107-dick tracy ping pong bracket on easel in tribune content agency office.psd

Dick Tracy, the ping pong player

When your company syndicates Dick Tracy, you often get to have some fun at work. Four months ago we moved out of the Tribune Tower, and into our new office space in One Prudential Plaza. In the recreational part of the building, we have a ping pong table. Next week we are holding an company […]

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Peeps giant gingerbread men

Gingerbread Men Peeps: both cute and unappetizing

Is it possible to be both cute AND unappetizing? Peeps accomplished that with their Gingerbread Men Peeps. They are quite possibly the most dramatic possible combination of cute and unappetizing. So cute, but so unappetizing! The Daily Meal has a funny write-up on these giant sugar-laden treats If you look forward to getting Peeps every […]

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