Matt Maldre

Public spaces artist, photographer, and professional scorecard keeper. Blogs at,,, and

Merging “mattmaldre” and “spudart”

Streamlining my digital presence! I’m simplifying my social media life by adopting ‘Spudart’ as my one true handle.

Urban dictionary is now obsolete dictionary

Say goodbye to Urban Dictionary’s shenanigans. I’ve found better word fun on,, and

Market mistakes with Jawas

The following is a story about me discovering a Star Wars card on eBay featuring a Jawa. I discovered later that this is a digital card, not a physical card. I wrote the story like I’m a Jawa getting hoodwinked by another Jawa. Utinni! I so feeling sad and zapped, fellow Jawa! I thought hit …

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Why is Twitter still so tempting to use?

Seeking a Twitter alternative? I’ve tried Threads, Substack’s Notes, and Mastodon. Now, I’m on Blue Sky! 🚀 Let’s see if it sticks.