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Magnifying text on a computer screen

The screenshot tool is so incredibly handy tool. (also known as screen capture on Windows). With the Mac, if you hit command-shift-4, you get a crosshairs to click and drag the area you want to capture. Today I accidentally dragged the cursor over a very very tiny section of my screen. Just 12 pixels by […]

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Learning to write a phrase in Hindi

My wonderful wife wrote a gracious message on my Facebook wall for Father’s day. In her message she mentioned, “joie de vivre.” Not knowing what this phrase means, I headed over to one of my favorite resources on the internet, Google Translate. The default language for translations—for some reason on my Google—was set to Hindi. […]

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Website visitor counters still working in 2019

Remember those website visitor counters in the late 90s and early 2000s? Man those were so cool. They clearly demonstrated two things: Many, many people are looking at the same thing as you. It’s not the webpage you are visiting is some little thing hidden. Thousands of people have seen this same site as you! […]

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217 fonts added to Google Fonts since 2015

Google Fonts is amazing collection of free fonts. 916 font families just waiting for you. You can download them all in one zip file totalling 407 MB. I haven’t updated my Google Fonts collection since 2015. Today I added the updated collection to my hard drive. Over the course of four years, Google has added […]

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Learning one new foreign language word every day for a year

My method of learning new words in another language: repetition This is how I’m thinking of doing it: Method #1: repetition Have Google Translate translate an English word into another language. In this case, Google translated “great” into the Estonian “suurepärane”. Here’s how it sounds on Google.Click the audio button 20 times. Enter repetition! Here’s […]

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