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Saskia Alusalu, Carlijn Schoutens, Mark Engel, Mae Berenice Meite, Elizabet Tursynbaeva, Taylor Henrich

Olympic athletes that play the violin

Which Olympic athletes that play the violin? Six athletes from the 2018 Winter Olympics list playing the violin as one of their hobbies. Spanning countries of Estonia, USA, Canada, France, and Kazakhstan, they include a flag bearer and a bronze medal winner! 1. Saskia Alusalu The first one on our list is Saskia Alusalu, the flag […]

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mona lisa on google images-square cropped

The Mona Lisa transition on Google Images

I love how the results for Mona Lisa on Google Images first start off with all serious, normal images. And then as you scroll down, the images get more and more ridiculous with all the spoofs. And then after the spoofs comes photos of people that look like the Mona Lisa. Let’s call this “The […]

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Google search results for equal signs

Googling 19 consecutive equal signs

A Google search for 19 consecutive equal signs yields zero results. Maybe 19 is too many. Let’s try a lower number. Googling ten equal signs also gives you nothing. Ok, let’s try five. Nothing. Four? Nope. Four equal signs has no results. But three. Three is the magic. number! Three equal signs is where we start […]

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Drop the dash

Wal-Mart drops the dash

Instead of being called Wal-Mart, it’s now Walmart. No more dash—but wait—that’s not a dash! It’s a hyphen. Grammarly explains: A hyphen (-) is a punctuation mark that’s used to join words or parts of words. It’s not interchangeable with other types of dashes. A dash is longer than a hyphen and is commonly used […]

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State of the Union ticket gallery: 1970-2018

The history of the State of Union ticket design

The design of the State of the Union ticket has gone through several evolutions through the years. Most recently a typo appeared on the 2018 State of the Union ticket. Oops! Ok, the typo is pretty bad, but many other questions loom. Why does the paper look like construction paper or something from Office Depot? […]

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IWU Breakthrough recruiting viewbook: page 29 School of Art

IWU: Push past the boundaries of your creativity

My four years as an art major at Illinois Wesleyan University were some of the best years of my life. The students and professors taught me how to think critically as an artist. We weren’t just technical drones producing work, we were deep in theory, analysis, and critiques of our work. To this day, my […]

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NASA's Cassini spacecraft obtained this unprocessed image on Dec. 12, 2011. The camera was pointing toward Saturn's moon Dione from approximately 76,344 miles (122,864 kilometers) away.

Reaching out in outer space

The reality of space. Real objects. Real textures. Thousands of miles away, images brought back to Earth. To our computer screens. I love the caption for this photo. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft obtained this unprocessed image on Dec. 12, 2011. The camera was pointing toward Saturn’s moon Dione from approximately 76,344 miles (122,864 kilometers) away. A […]

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Philly transit tokens, photo by ryangs

Transit tokens as investment

Philadelphia is retiring their transit tokens. I urge people to go and buy as many tokens as you can. They will be worth the investment 20 years from now. How? Let’s use Chicago as an example. In 1999 Chicago phased out their transit coins. At the time, fares cost $1.00. Now the CTA tokens are […]

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