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4 reasons why automatic staplers are the best

If your printer at work has an automatic stapler, give it a try. Automatic staplers are so wonderful. 1) You don’t have to do the manual job of stapling your sheets Machines. Let the machines do the work for you. 2) The printer gives a beautiful flat staple Your handheld stapler will produce a rounded […]

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Ten thousand regular typefaces when all you need is an italic

For a design comp, I quickly selected a Google font, Encode Sans. Because it comes in lots of weights thin, extra light, light, regular, medium, semi-bold, bold, extra-bold, and black. WONDERFUL! Such glorious options. And then quadruple over these options with Condensed, Semi Condensed, Semi Expanded, and Expanded families—each with 9 weights. This isn’t just a family […]

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Adobe InDesign Paragraph Rules shortcut command option j

How to remember command-option-j to underline text

Some key commands are easy to remember. Command-c for copy. But what about obscure ones like Indesign’s command-option-j for underlining text? (In Indesign that’s called a paragraph rule). What does the letter j have to do with underlining text? Maybe there’s some word that starts with the letter j that means to underline. All of […]

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Does Customer Support have custom notes on you?

Whenever I call customer support for something, I like to imagine they have a customer profile on each customer. This profile would have informal notes on what type of person the customer is. Maybe there would be profiles that say “be careful, this customer is a bear!” Or for really nice customers it would say, […]

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Google Streetview at night

Google Streetview at night

Almost all of Google Streetview’s images come from the daytime. Makes sense—that’s when you can see things the best. Today, I came across some nighttime shots on Google Streetview. The noise in the photos is fascinating. Almost like some sort of magnetic waves emanating from the Google Streetview’s radar. Maybe these are radar lines! Then […]

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Christmas cards mailed to me in 2018

Why I keep Christmas envelopes

I love keeping the envelopes from mailed Christmas cards. Handwriting What did so-and-so’s handwriting look like? Nowadays the only time we see someone’s handwriting is on the envelope of a Christmas card. Is it messy? Neat? While spring cleaning in May, I came across a box of envelopes that I kept from the 2018 Christmas […]

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New artwork every day as your Chrome’s homescreen.

Get a new painting every day as your browser’s homescreen. I love the Chrome add-on, Google Arts & Culture. They display quite a range of artwork from famous artists to lesser-known artists. And if you don’t like the particular artwork for that day, you can simply skip it by clicking the refresh option. I rarely […]

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