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In a typical week, do you practice any of the following mind-body techniques for stress relief or health

Adding prayer to 23andMe’s survey

The genetic service 23andMe has DNA samples from over 3,000,000 individuals, including myself. They ask these people to fill out surveys to help uncover genetic connections to allergies, psychiatric disorders, and diseases. I love filling out the surveys to help them do their research. A number of the surveys I participated in have resulted in […]

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2018 Topps Star Wars Masterwork GAMORREAN GUARD 1-1 SKETCH BY GLENN SAVAGE

Gamorrean Guard looks like the Chicago Bean

The roundness of this Gamorrean Guard illustration reminds me of the Chicago Bean. EVERYTHING reminds me of the Chicago Bean these days. Glenn Savage has done other sketch cards for Star Wars. The Gamorrean Guard is my favorite. This is pretty cool. I took Glenn Savage’s Gamorrean Guard sketch card deepart’ed it with my Bean […]

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S.I.C.K.: Sentences Involving Compositional Knowledge

The acronym for SICK

“Dude, that’s so sick!” What does that mean? Well, let me tell you. Sick is an acronym. S.I.C.K. stands for: Sentences Involving Compositional Knowledge. Next time you want to say “that is so sick”, you can instead say, “That is so Sentences Involving Compositional Knowledge.” People will actually know what you are talking about. Now […]

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puns are illegal in germany (google translate)

Are puns are illegal in Germany?

Google translates “Puns are illegal in Germany” into “Wortspiele sind in Deutschland illegal” The word “puns” in German is “Wortspiele” That is so much FUN! Word fun! Clearly, puns are NOT illegal in Germany. The very word for pun is a kinda like a pun. Or wait—does speile mean play? Speile is games. Speilen is […]

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I love saving webpages. That’s the truth. is such a fundamental service for the internet. It’s so awesome that everyone has the control to be able to specify webpages to archive onto their service. They even have a cool javascript bookmarklet that allows you to submit webpages. Super easy! javascript:void(‘’+location.href)); Add that as a […]

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Neil Armstrong’s Moon bootprint as origami crane

Reflections on the Chicago Bean

One of the world’s most iconic public artworks is right across the street from my new workplace. That famous artwork? The 110-ton reflective bean in Chicago. Installed in 2006, this mirrored sculpture hit the ground just in time for our culture’s selfie obsession. People love taking photos of themselves of the bean. You can’t help […]

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