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2023 November podcast episodes

Every day, I go through my 98 podcast subscriptions and hand-select episodes to listen to. You can see (and listen to) my daily playlist on Spotify. If you’d like to see how I manage my podcasts, check out “Efficiently managing your podcast subscriptions: A comprehensive guide“

Using option-w to close a window

I went to close a text window that I wasn’t looking, but it wouldn’t close. I kept hitting the same key command (⌘-w) over and over. (the MacOS command to close a window). I finally looked at the text window and saw a bunch of this: ∑∑∑∑∑∑∑∑ (option-w) Also, the ⌘ character is really rad-looking.

The plethora of plethora

Ever wondered about the origins of “plethora”? It started as a medical term, representing excess bodily fluids. Now, it’s the symbol of our age—abundant choices in products, information, and more.

Crickets chirp around the door (72 microseasons)

The latest microseason, “Crickets Chirp Around the Door,” introduces us to a rockstar cricket who’s taking the insect world by storm. Join the party in your garden and groove to the chirpy beats! 🎶🕺 #FunnyNature #RockstarCricket

Hot Wheels specs its car colors with Pantone colors

Ever wondered about Hot Wheels’ color choices? A recent peek into their office revealed a dazzling display of car bodies, each labeled with Pantone hues. Surprising, yet inspiring, it’s a fusion of creativity and design standards!