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hot chocolate tweets

The hottest new trend: guys liking hot chocolate

What’s up with dudes and hot chocolate? write Mary Fons. “Dudes like hot chocolate. It’s a thing.” She gives four examples of guys liking hot chocolate in her Choco Case Studies. Well, make me the 5th!–actually the first–since 2008 I have been declaring on Twitter my love for the hot chocolate beverage. If other dudes […]

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Supermoon? Try Supersky

  If the moon appears so big near the horizon, why does the moon seem so small up in the sky? Answer: the sky. We take our sky for granted, but it’s actually really huge. All that space around the moon makes it appear small, only because it’s surrounded by this immensely vast sky. Context […]

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xkcd inside jpg attachment

The first xkcd you ever read

When did you first discover the webcomic xkcd? If you don’t know about this webcomic, you need to read it NOW. A search through my hard drive resulted in a couple archived instant messages. Earliest reference I have to xkcd is on November 27, 2006. My brother Erik shared xkcd with me through this instant message: yikesmoose: read […]

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Geocities: homepage

My Geocities is back up

I put my 1997 geocities site back up! (Click HERE to visit) All in it’s animated gif, ugly design glory, this is my first website I made. It wouldn’t be a Geocities site if there wasn’t a “under construction” icon somewhere! Mine is deftly photoshopped into the site navigation for the design section. While I […]

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Justice within the Arctic Circle: front of card

Justice within the Arctic Circle

A bizarre trading card from 1936 appeared in my search for arctic cards on 1936 G-Men & Heroes of the Law R60 #72 – Justice Within The Arctic Circle [Good to VG‑EX] The back of the card reads: “Official” Stories from records of G-Men and Famous Police Organizations and Heroes of the Law. Copr. […]

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33 awards found in the Crystal Pepsi Trail

Crystal Pepsi is back! To celebrate the popular 90s drink, Pepsi made a retake on the classic DOS game Oregon Trail. You can play “The Crystal Pepsi Trail” online. Ride along in your wood-panel station wagon collecting fifteen different 90s items like fanny packs, VHS tapes, and roller blades. As you ride with your travel […]

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flowers in hair

Cultural practice of wearing flowers every day

What if our culture had a custom where everyone wore a flower every day–including to work and on the weekends. People would wear the flower(s) on their shirt, in their hair, or maybe around the waist. (Men, too). We might have a brighter, happier culture to see that every day on every one. But what […]

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Die Spam: German

The German word for spam

What is the German word for spam? I was hoping it would be something awesome like, Schmerzlichmail. However, it’s simply “Spam.” But the article makes it fun… in the German languages there are three different ways of saying “the”: der, die, das. The article for spam is “die”, thus it is: Die Spam. I’d like […]

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