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Untitled spreadsheet on Google Drive

A poem for the “Untitled spreadsheet” in Google Drive

Ever work on a spreadsheet in Google Drive to do some quick sorting or calculation, but then never name the spreadsheet? I’ve done that so many times where I forget to delete the draft spreadsheet. Find all your untitled spreadsheets and documents in Google Drive by searching for title:untitled In the meantime, here is a […]

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Chicago Olympics 2016 tshirt

Host your own Olympics in Chicago today

Today Chicago could have been hosting the Olympics. Back in 2007 when Chicago was making the Olympic bid, the city was covered in posters promoting the Chicago bid. I went around the city photographing the posters. Ask any Chicagoan today about the Chicago bid, and you’ll most likely get the response about all money it […]

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The Chicago Slushie talks

Podcast about architecture personas

Do you ever feel like creating personas for your favorite buildings? In this podcast, I explore a couple art project ideas to give fun identities to architecture. I have 18 podcasts recorded in 2009. Every week, I will post one of the episodes on Soundcloud. The first podcast is about adding personality to buildings. Below […]

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Laszlo Moholy-Nagy at the Schatz Building in Chicago

A giant magenta László Moholy-Nagy

The giant magenta mural stood out in the corner of my eye while crossing the street. I thought, “isn’t that László Moholy-Nagy?” I had been walking away from the mural, but I re-crossed the street to get a closer look. The quote under the mural confirmed, indeed it is the Bauhaus photography professor! But I’m […]

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Baby’s first glasses and Seth Godin

Facebook must be playing games with me. In my timeline is a video of a baby’s reaction to wearing glasses for the first time. Very cute, adorable. The round spectacles are pulled over the baby’s face; and he smiles a big grin seeing his mother clearly for the first time. Then the very next post in […]

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Bridget Voth: More S'more Please!

One of the top-selling ACEO artists on eBay, Bridget Voth

The most expensive ACEO artworks sold on eBay reveals a wonderful fantasy world. (ACEO stands for Artists Cards Editions and Originals, which are baseball card sized artist cards). Star Filled Sky, aka Bridget Voth, is one of the top artists. In the past three months, 12 fantasy paintings have been sold for over $200. The artist behind […]

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what is up with all the earthquakes lately? @robkingsbury

Reply to a person’s last tweet from six years ago

Who are the first ten people to follow you on Twitter? How many of those accounts are now inactive? Five of the first ten accounts to follow @spudart haven’t tweeted since 2010. Whoa! Over six years! The dates of their last tweets: @robkingsbury May 19, 2009 @kokuatraffic May 7, 2009 @samuelphilemon January 13, 2009 @worshipkitchen July 19, […]

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Spend this dollar wisely

Spend wisely or foolishly?

With a dollar bill you are one-millionth on the way to becoming a millionaire. I came across a photo I took a couple years ago of a dollar bill with this message. This photo prompted me to write another message on a dollar bill. The first thought that came to mind was to recommend someone […]

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Northeast Bridgetower at sunset

Fog and bridgetowers

Northeast bridgetower at sunset A fog crawls over the Chicago River. Fog can create amazing scenes. Get close enough to the subject, and it really pops as the background is covered in a blanket of fog. Couple that with a warm sunrise, and you have a magical photo. The flags fly briskly on the Michigan […]

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