Year: 2001

What happened to Pepsi Clear?

Pepsi Clear also known as Crystal Pepsi and Crystal Clear Pepsi was a wonderful beverage back in the early 1990s. But it was only on the market for a short time. I absolutely loved this drink, so I have created a page dedicated to Pepsi Clear. It includes the largest set of links ever dedicated …

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Jumble ad

This ad picks up the look from the Jumble Crosswords sheet done earlier in the year. Client: Tribune Media Services: News & Features department Fonts: Futura

PC Parents ad

PC Parents is a Tribune Media Services column. This is an advertisement in a trade journal.

Magician and the deaf

While waiting on at the Jackson red line stop underground L, I noticed a few people doing sign language to each other. I didn’t really think much of it until I turned back a few minutes later and noticed that one of the people whose back was toward me was doing some hand motions that …

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CIA copycats Ghostbusters

The CIA has just revealed its new “Terrorist-Busters” logo. You have to see it to believe it…It looks just like the Ghostbusters logo of yesteryear. I feel safer already. Initially, I thought the logo was the brain fart of some loose cannon, but it is actually listed on the CIA’s official War on Terrorism page.

Publish your own book

here’s a neat site where you can publish your own book! Although $400 seems alot for 15 books of 60 pages, if you can get 15 people to pre-order your book for $27.00, it’s very viable.

Weird Shadows

I never noticed this before but the shadows on a december early morning are very deceptive. Shadows normally fall east or west during the summer, spring and fall. Y’know cuz the sun moves across the sky east to west. So explorers can tell which direction they are going. But the december shadows in the morning …

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CTA toy bus

This morning on my bus ride to work, I was standing below the speaker on a overstuffed bus with people. Every time the bus would accerlate, a weird high pitch buzz would emit from the speaker in the ceiling. Then when the bus would slow down it would give off a low-pitch buzz. So the …

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Pepsi Twist

Pepsi twist tastes like Pepsi with something wrong. Maybe I have a skewed perspective, because I’m not much of a pepsi fan to begin with. Pepsi Twist kinda tastes like selster water and pepsi mixed together.

Tricks on reading email headers

Trickly little article that tells you the secrets behind how to read those confusing cryptic email headers