No White Castle restaurants in Downtown Chicago

here’s what i typed out on the email form to white castle:

Please come to downtown Chicago. There are no White Castles in downtown Chicago. I want to eat those yummy White Castles at work. I love White Castle. I cannot live without them at work. I may have to quit my job in downtown Chicago, because there are no White Castles in the area. If you make White Castle in downtown Chicago, I will be there like every weekday. I will eat so many sliders, that location will be profitable just from me alone! Ask anyone! Oh man, do I have the crave for White Castle! Please allow me to feed the crave!

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kristina mitchell
kristina mitchell
18 years ago

I am in total agreement. I love white castles. Sometimes Myself and one of my co-workers take a long lunch just to hop a bus and go get a case of sliders for the office. A downtown chicago location is a must have.

keeshauna  delaney
17 years ago

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