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Moon rock 76055 found in sidewalk planter on Michigan Avenue in Chicago

Moon Rocks Found in Chicago

Printouts of moon rocks are being found across downtown Chicago. On the back of each printout reads: You Found a Moon Rock! This printout is the exact same size of an actual lunar sample brought back from the surface of the moon. Take a photo of your moon rock and tag it #moonrockfound I will […]

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Wet Cement by Marissa Huber

What would you write in wet cement?

photo by marissandrew What would you write in wet cement? Guerrilla artist Uncustomary asks this question. (She answers with “you are beautiful” in her cement) A fun phrase to write in wet cement would be, “Carve your dreams on the moon.” Concrete sidewalks are like the surface of the moon. Walking along on the sidewalk […]

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The next morning I added this sticky note for the daytime dwellers to read, "at night this pole has six shadows"

Gumspots of the sky

It was quite a challenge trying to re-photograph this pole at the exact same angle. The gumdrops on the sidewalk proved to be a great comparison device. Standing at the pole staring at my iPhone memorizing the exact location of the gumspots, I realized that the sidewalk gumspots are like the nighttime stars providing us […]

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Forgive, 2008-2009

Origins of “FORGIVE” graffiti tag in Chicago

The hand-written tag “FORGIVE” has been appearing all over Chicago for the past three years. Who does these tags? What is the origin and meaning behind this work? I made a flickr gallery of the 11 earliest FORGIVE photos found on flickr, all taken from 2008 to 2009. Two years ago someone in Ukrainian Village […]

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Between bell and oakley is one of my favorite trees. It's so full!

Chicago needs less cars, more walking

It always shocks me how many people have such a love affair with their cars in the city. The Chicago Tribune reported that my street Lawrence Avenue will have wider sidewalks and less lanes. Many people complained about the move. It befuddles me. Tell me car drivers, do you hate people who walk? Here’s my […]

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FORGIVE (art on the sidewalk)

Forgive written on the sidewalk

A Ukrainian woman yelled at me while I photographed the word “forgive” on the sidewalk. Walking down Chicago Avenue in the Ukrainian Village on a bright Sunday, I was looking for small things that I like to photograph for the “I like” project. This word “FORGIVE” was painted onto the sidewalk with what appears to […]

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