Why does rain dissolve a sidewalk chalk drawing?

A chalk drawing on a sidewalk will dissolve when it rains. So if you leave a piece of chalk outside in the rain, will the chalk dissolve?

That’s a logical connection, but I think when it rains on a chalk drawing, the water acts to disconnect the chalk from the sidwalk. I’m not sure that the rain dissolves the chalk.

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17 years ago

So is it fair to say that if you had a chalk that bonded to cement better, it wouldnt “disolve?”

17 years ago

I can confirm that chalk left outside in the rain does not dissolve. It gets a bit porous, swiss-cheesy, but it does not fall apart.

15 years ago

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Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

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Destiny Gittens
Destiny Gittens
13 years ago

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