Year: 2006

Creative scorecards

In addition to tracking the typical stats from a baseball game on a scorecard, why not add some fun stuff too.

Things for artists to blog about

INSPIRATION/OTHER ARTISTS –Find interesting work online? Let us know. –Anything inspired you? What is it? –What are some past influences on your art? –Mention any interesting conversations you had with other artists YOUR ART –Show progress of your works with photos –Talk about what you think about where certain work is at. “This series is …

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Whiteboard games

A list of Whiteboard games, grouped by category Guessing games Guess the number of beans in container Guess when will be the first 70-degree day in your town Question/Answer games Caption contest Draw map of world with imperative, mark where you want to go. Vote on something. Favorite this or that. Hang up drawings. Puzzles …

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things to observe 1

Things to observe rooflines of buildings. –How the move when you move. shapes of trees. –big at bottom, small at top –small at bottom, big at top –where trees first split when they come out of the ground number of doors you go through to get to work number of doors you go through to …

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You owe me a Jackingtontonton

When something costs ten dollars, the cool person will say, “That jive cost me a hamilton.” Or even, “it bust me out a hammy.” If something costs sixteen dollars, that would be called a “Hamilington” (for Hamilton, Lincoln, Washington) Twenty-three dollars is a Jackingtontonton. Note the repeated “ton” three times. The rule is that you …

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quotes from books

How much do you remember from the books you read? If you’re like me, most of the info just kinda disappears. It would be neat to go back through books you’ve read and pull out five quotes from each book and put it into a list. From now on when I finish a book, I’m …

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Random phone number fun

Take your cell phone number. Enter it into a calculator as a set of digits as numbers, and the dashes as a minus sign. At the end of the phone number, hit the enter/equals button. Let’s take Empire carpet’s old number: 773-588-2300= -2115 Of course now it has a 1-800 number: 1-800-588-2300= -3687 A few …

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December 25: Day for crowning kings

(photo courtesy of reiscakes via creative commons) My away message for work on December 25: ============= I’m out of the office Monday and Tuesday, December 25 and 26. Between the years 800-1200 AD, many kings were crowned on December 25th: –December 25, 1130 King of Sicily crowned (Roger II) by Anti-pope Anacletus II –December 25, …

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Trivia about Rutherford B. Hayes

Yesterday we learned that the 19th President of the United States (1877-1881) Rutherford B. Hayes is the least searched-for president online. But now he is my favorite, because he loved to play croquet. Here’s some more trivia about our nineteenth President of the United States (1877-1881): Hayes won the presidential election by the House’s electoral …

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Least searched-for U.S. Presidents

Starting in 2007 the US Mint will be featuring presidents on the dollar coins. Every year four presidents will be featured in the order they took office. Which president is the least searched-for? Overture’s keyword selector tool tells us how many times a term has been searched. Here’s the result for the United States Presidents: …

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