What is the most common first name of people you know?

It’s fun searching my address book by first name, because I can see how many people I know with a a particular first name. Here’s the most popular in my address book:

  • 8 Amy
  • 7 Jennifer
  • 7 Lisa
  • 7 Tim
  • 6 Peter
  • 5 Jason
  • 5 Mary
  • 5 Sarah

I did it by exporting my yahoo address book into a csv file, copy the first name column, paste it into a field on this word frequency indexer.

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16 years ago

The most common first name of people I know is Matt!

16 years ago

i found every name i looked for evenmy sons name julioestaboncortesnebucnezzer.

16 years ago

oh tea that is only half his name hi whole name is 48 letter long but i didnt want to put all of it.

14 years ago

Awesome, great tutorial . Thanks for sharing cobro

14 years ago

Actually, Amy shouldn’t be at the top of my list. I was going from names in my address book, and I have three amy’s from high school that I put their info in from a contact book that was given out at our 10th year anniversary. (Anniversary? Is that the right word?). And Lisa should be #1, cuz I didn’t count one person who went by the name of “Lesa” in college only cuz there was another Lisa in her class. But now Lesa goes by Lisa. So there should be eight Lisas and just 5 Amys. 3freester

14 years ago

im in school and millions of people are called Abbie and Amy

14 years ago

but I seem million and no

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