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Entrance of Walgreens on Michigan Avenue in Chicago

Stunningly beautiful Walgreens inside landmark Wrigley Building

Do you love amazing views? Do you love amazing architecture details? The next place you should visit is–surprise! Walgreens. Walgreens recently moved 40 steps from its cramped quarters above the Billy Goat into the first and second floor of the landmark Wrigley Building next-door. Despite challenges with the layout, the store is absolutely amazing to […]

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Urban dictionary rejected my word submission for noodlefoamtubeannihilate

Urban dictionary rejected my word submission for noodlefoamtubeannihilate is the alternative dictionary for slang, subculture words, phrases, and phenomena not found in standard dictionaries. I love the site, because users submit totally crazy definitions for words–both existing words and totally new words. All my submissions for new words in the past have been approved. Words such as super-fragglistic, amehzing, IHYDM, whoat!, and […]

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Top four tweets of July 2010: paws, capris, cereal, laptops

For July’s top tweets, I picked the one tweet from each account that I use regularly in the past month. @DepressedDarth who needs chopsticks? me eat with paws. or just dunk my face into the plate. When you roll up your sleeves, do you ever feel like you are wearing capris on your arms? […]

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