Chocolate! Chocolate! vs. Triple Chocolate Chaos

While standing in line at Walgreens to purchase six balance bars on sale, I muttered out loud, “oh crap.” The person next in line asked me, “What’s wrong?”

It sounded so ridiculously silly when I responded with, “I meant to pick up two ‘chocolate! chocolate!’ bars, instead i picked up a ‘Triple Chocolate Chaos.’ But the packaging is so similar… See.” Everyone in line (including me) had a good chuckle.

You know life is not bad at all when your problem of the day entails picking up a “Triple Chocolate Chaos” power bar instead of a “Chocolate! Chocolate!” power bar.

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Stu D.
19 years ago

It seems a listing of priorities is needed… If eating is your priority, then I agree with buying the Chocolate! Chocolate! because you can have three entire bars as opposed to limiting yourself to 2 Triple Chocolate Chaos bars. Of course, if money is a priority, then the reverse is true so that you don’t spend so much on the same amount of Chocolate. But what about Chaos? That must be some sort of random variable or even a universal constant that could just throw EVERYTHING off. I feel for your checkout line banter, but I fear that the situation is more serious than you let on!

19 years ago

i i think think it’s it’s funny funny you you said said you picked picked up up 2 Chocolate! Chocolate! bars bars. i i would would have have laughed laughed at at you you picking picking up up 2 Chocolate! Chocolate! bars bars.

Coop Cahoot
Coop Cahoot
19 years ago

We dont have this product in my country but from my research, both the choc choc and 3ple choc are from the year 2000 range of Balance Gold. Check it out.

laura k.
laura k.
19 years ago

that’s a lot of chocolate.

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