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Tron Uprising

My favorite albums of 2014

A great reason to use the free service is that it tracks your music listening habits across many platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes. With this database of records the site then gives you insightful analysis to your listening habings. For instance, you can sort your music by most-played in the past 12 months. […]

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my day job .@artinstitutechi - this is what I do

Packaging for art is art

Unique styrofoam constructions hand-crafted by artists to support the safe transit of art. A delicate sculptural bust is transformed from a bronze head to a rectangular box. All the space around the head is extended out to conform to cube. From head to cube. Would that make packaging art a cubist artwork? Haha. Once the […]

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Indoor basketball court

Five fictional accounts respond to house with indoor basketball court

How would you react to discovering that an indoor basketball court is inside a 9,500 square foot house in the heart of one of Chicago’s most expensive neighborhoods? RT @curbedchicago: This huge 9500 sq. ft. Lincoln Park home has an indoor basketball court. — Paul Biasco (@Paul_Biasco) October 7, 2014   Some of […]

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Cracked iPhone Screen

The cracked screen project

Someone on the train is using a phone with a cracked screen. I ask the person to pull up a photo on flickr or instagram. Then I take a photo of the person’s cracked screen showing the photo. People using cracked-glass phones are very interesting to me. How the lines interact with the content on […]

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The third house finally starts to burn on the Chicago River at the Great Chicago Fire Festival

Public spectacles don’t always catch on fire

Three wooden mansions floating on the Chicago River to be torched. Fire! Fire! Fire! For entertainment, everyone loves a good fire. A week before the festival, the wooden mansions sat by three Chicago bridges with a sign saying, “watch me burn.” Such is the hype for the Great Chicago Fire Festival. Every couple years Chicago […]

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Colored bricks like stained glass

How to worry less by taking more photos

Yeah! Take more photos! Taking photos makes you more observant of your surroundings. Pausing and considering things around you gives you perspective. Often I can get too wrapped up inside my head about life and worrying. To get outside of my head, I’ll simply observe and be in the moment. When I’m not observing and […]

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