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Pumpkins are here!

Photographing pumpkins behind a fence

The bright orange pumpkins have arrived just in time for October. Rows and rows of fresh pumpkins sit happily behind a glossy black fence. Soft morning sunlight illuminates the contrast of orange against green. While photographing this scene, I wanted to include the fence, but the pumpkins weren’t the heros. The fence was getting in […]

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Bridges up at Clark Street

Spudart photos reach pinnacle on Flickr

Every day Flickr ranks the top 500 photos posted to popular photo sharing service. 1.4 million photos are posted to the service every day, so to be ranked in the top 500 is quite an achievement. In 2014 alone, I am honored to say that seven (now ten) of my photos have been featured in […]

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Encountering life's questions on a CTA train

23 questions on a train ride

You encounter what appears to be a wall of notes written by a crazy person. 23 sticky notes arranged on a grid by a seat on the train. Many reflective questions that question our perspective of life. Questions of self-awareness and human nature. Why would someone be rapid-firing all these questions onto sticky notes on […]

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beach stone in hand

Beach stone that looks like Da Vinci paintings

My Uncle Bill posted a few photos of a beach stone that looks like a heart. I ran his three images in Google Image search and came up with three other things his stone looks like: This beach stone looks like Da Vinci paintings. This beach stone looks like cave drawings. And this shot of […]

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words with art in the middle

Words with “art” in the middle

“art” is at the core of “earth” so is: carte carts darts farts garth harts karts marts parts party tarts tarty warts warty Fun that art would be the core of farts, party, and warty. Then for 7-letter words, art being exactly at the center: dearths, hearted, hearten, hearths, pearter, peartly, quartan, quarter, quartes, quartet, […]

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The other White-out Monster

Developing the voice for the White-out Monster

One part finger monster. One part white-out. Inspired by Magritte’s surrealism exhibit at the Art Institute. Take all these together and what do you have? The “White-out Monster” who likes to paint things white. Yesterday I wrote up an interview with this fictional character. If you haven’t had a chance to read the interview, please […]

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