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crazy holidays

Been busy over the holidays, barely even in front of a computer at all. Fun daily posts will be start up again on January 2, 2005. Thanks for visiting!

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wearing old shoes

It’s a weird sensation to wear old shoes that you haven’t worn in awhile. With each step you become aware of how worn out the soles are. And you think, “Wow, this is how i used to walk two years ago. How did i manage to walk like THIS?”

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paper towel art

paper towel art

Thanks to the inspiration left by unlikelymoose on a previous post, I now have some paper towel artwork hanging in my kitchen. View the full photo. Having a big hole cut in the middle of the paper towel renders it pratically useless, yet by retaining the familiar rectangular shape, it still evokes the essence of […]

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Turtle art on ebay

Turtle art on ebay

There’s some great auctions up by now featuring the duel turtle artist Georgie and Nikki. Yeah, those are the actual artist’s–a couple of turtles walking on a canvas. Auction 1: Spring, auction 2: Dreamscape, auction 3: Blue Dragon, auction 4: Sunset Clouds. So I emailed the seller the following: Hi. I really enjoyed your auction […]

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