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comic strip done by a group of artists (collaborative comic strip)

It would be so fun to do a comic strip. But it would take so long for one person to make 365 comic strips a year!

So why not pick one theme, and have a bunch of artists write and draw their own strips? Like there could be a character guide where everyone has to use the same characters. And maybe every month there could be a theme that the artists work with. Each person can draw it in their own style and their own jokes.

That way, it doesn’t become a boring stale comic strip like how many others are in the newspaper. And you got lots of variety and talent working on it.

What would make a good comic strip for this model? It would be good to come up with a set of stable characters. Characters who could be put into interesting situtations.

Some ideas:

* Characters based on animals

* A family

* Office workers

* Aliens

* Inanimate objects that can speak and walk. (i.e. a toolbox as home, with hammer, screwdriver, etc)

Who’s in? It would be fun to get a large group of people, like thirty people. So then you only have to do one comic a month. No drawing talents required. ANYBODY can join. You can join the new Yahoo group, Common Comic at:

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this sounds like fun! i’ll join! so the idea would be, every week [or day?”> a different artist would pick up the theme/characters/storyline and continue the comic strip in their own style? with constant elements, like you said: characters, setting, etc. how about a comic strip set in chicago? illustrated by chicago artists, and each artist would do something based on the city. like characters on the subway, or a protest march, or joggers on the lake, or going to the art museum, or boating down the river, or something about the mayor, etc. there’s an endless stream of ideas… Read more »

napoleon kept his hand in his shirt all the time… maybe it was cold? i can come up with lots of einstein info, if needed. i think each character should have only a few identifying features. keep it simple. too many characteristics might create differences in each artist’s style, and then hard to distinguish the different renditions of characters? i don’t know. the public figures idea is neat. that might work out.


Some great ideas…. Not fond of the entire Chicago theme though as I live in Denver and know nothing about Chicago (except for the musical, I doubt they will ever make a musical called Denver). The theme idea sounds good though. This is a great way to generate a consistent flow of comics; and if there are enough submissions, then we can always pick the best ones. Public figures sounds like a good place to start, but it also may be too limiting.

Tom Saaristo

I miss “Groundhog Croquet”


i have a charachter suggestion. what about some lovable and wacky pollen? the adventures it would have! high flying pollen up one day and down the next. you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll sneaze from allergies!