christmas card ideas

Here’s a bunch of different ideas i’m playing with for my 2004 christmas card.

  • Bubble wrap (I have a lot left over from my halloween costume)
  • Including a birthday candle (for Jesus’s birthday). Then the recipient can use the birthday candle on their own cake, or a friends cake in the future.
  • 2000th birthday for Jesus (don’t they say he was born in 4AD?)
  • How many days since Christ’s birth… 73,047 days. Represent these numbers by filling up a tiny container with 73,047 grains of sand.
  • Connect the dots game, but the dots are all stars in the sky that the wise men are looking at. Once the dots are connected, they form some image, maybe Jesus in the manger
  • Send out four advent postcards, one for each advent week. (i’m too late to do this now)
  • List some amazing feats, amazing gifts, amzing discoveries. Then inside says how Christ’s birth is MORE AMAZING than all of them… The almighty perfect God coming down to our little dirty sinful planet.

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

I’ve seen a decline in the number of Jesus cards I receive each year. If you did a Jesus card [and I was on your Christmas card mailing list ;^”> … you may be the sole sender of one! Did you do the Octopus for Halloween? Where are the pictures [no matter what you did”>?

18 years ago

i like all of your ideas maybe you could somehow incorporate bubble wrap with Jesus’ birthday. like instead of an advent calendar where you open the door, you can pop a bubble for each day until His birthday celebration! oh but its too late for that. hmmm.

Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

I love the bubble-wrap-as-advent-calendar idea! Maybe next year!

laura k.
laura k.
18 years ago

put something inside the bubble. like a piece of candy cane. i think the grains-of-sand idea is probably a bit too messy, though an interesting concept.

Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

Oh! I like the piece of candy cane in the bubble idea … I wonder in what other direction you could take that idea. How big are the bubbles on the bubblewrap you bought? If you have the larger bubbles bubblewrap maybe you could use the bubbles as a “magnifyer”. Put your image [drawn or 3-D”> on your card and then put a bubble on top to accentuate or “magnify” … I use the quotes because I don’t know if the bubbles would actuall magnify, but that’s the concept. If you have the smaller bubbles bubblewrap, maybe you could cut shapes out and attach them to card stock. Maybe a candy cane or Christmas bell shapes cut out of bubblewrap. Perhaps the design could be reflected underneath in color on contrasting or complimentary colors [red and green anyone?”> or maybe the bubblewrap could be colored with Sharpies.

18 years ago

that sounds like a big amount of postage! would you fold that thing?

16 years ago

Try a Video Xmas Card and its free at

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