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One alley, 16 discarded Christmas trees

Walking down the alley in suburban Oak Park, Christmas trees lay next to most garbage cans. The alley becomes like a Christmas tree lot, post-Christmas. Need a Christmas tree? Take your pick. Most trees are lightly used and varying degrees of dryness. All the trees laying down, sleeping. These trees are no longer in a […]

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Four trees in alley

How many handfuls of mulch is made from one Christmas tree?

Tree mulchers are crunching all the Christmas trees on curbs and in alleys. The plethora of trees will soon be a handful of wood.¬†How much mulch does one Christmas tree produce? I’m guessing about six handfuls of mulch. What’s your guess? An internet search yields many articles outlining the benefits of mulching your tree (see […]

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15 footlong toss

The Christmas Tree Throwing Challenge

When you throw away your tree, make sure to literally THROW it away. Walk your tree out to your curb / dumpster / alley. Stop about 20 feet short of where you would normally place your tree. Then try to throw the tree as far as you can! How far can you throw a Christmas […]

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George the seahorse

What brings you joy?

What makes you joyful? Not just happiness. But joy. The comfort and pleasure of joy. We set out to answer that question a couple years ago in my bible study group. We were to write about what brings us joy. I missed the group that week, but I still wrote my joy story. I’m told […]

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The Christmas lights machine gun

I’ve always wanted a gun that shoots out strings of Christmas lights. I would hold the Christmaslightstring Machine Gun in the G.I.Joe Roadblock style and yell out in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, “MERRY CHRISTMAS AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!” +chugga chugga chugga+ (that’s the sound of the machine gun shooting out christmas string lights) […]

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Chicago Art Institute Lions with Christmas Wreath: 5

Art Institute Lions for Christmas 2011

Here’s what the Art Institute should do for their lion sculptures for Christmas 2011. Wrap them entirely in crochet. People would love it. Photo from Here’s what the Art Insitute of Chicago did in 2010: And what the lion sculptures wore in 2009: What do you think the Art Institute lions should wear for […]

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Christmas bird ornaments at Christkindlmarket in Chicago

Chicago City Hall during Christmas is beautiful

The old marble walls are lit up with alternating green and red lamps. It’s simply majestic. During lunch I walked from the Tribune Tower down to Daley Plaza looking for Christmas things to photograph. The Christkindl Market in Daley Plaza was pleasantly not busy for 3pm on Thursday. However, I wasn’t feeling inspired by anything […]

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