Where to find the stained glass Makit & Bakit Christmas DIY kits

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Christmas stained glass

You know those really cool stained glass things you can make? You drop little plastic pellets into a wire frame and then throw them into the oven, and the plastic pellets melt. When the entire thing cools down, you take it out, and you have a beautiful stained glass ornament. They are fun to make and last for a long time.

My mom has a ton of these things. I want to get some for my niece and nephew, but what is the name? It’s Makit & Bakit by Colorbök. The trick is finding them online.

Makit & Bakit at Joanns

Joann only sells three: decorative bowls, kittens, and Saturn. Amazon has those, and a few more: unicorns and frogs. Some website (craftsuppliesforless.com) sold Christmas kits, but are now sold out.

Colorbök's Makit & Bakit

The official manufacturer of Makit & Bakit is Colorbök, and they have only two sets, a flower and a heart.

Etsy's Makit & Bakit

Etsy has a couple Christmas Makit & Bakit.

I suppose Colorbök no longer makes Makit & Bakit kits for Christmas. Weird. I just contacted them asking that they produce these wonderful holiday stained glass ornaments again. Here’s my email:

I have been hearing from my friends and family that they want to purchase Christmas Makit & Bakit kits. I don’t see any on your site. I would personally buy about 50 sets for everyone I know if you sold these kits. Please consider making these kits again. People love DIY projects. This is a simple kit that even small children can do. And they last forever. Just this past Christmas I was hanging up my mother’s collection of about 30 different Christmas Makit & Bakit ornaments.

People want them. You should consider making them again.

Please consider contacting ColorBök using their contact form. If they see the demand, they should make them again.

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Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

Blame the Google Generation. All they want to do is stick their head in a tablet. They don’t want to color, make crafts, play outside… whatever. They just want their tablet… and I don’t mean tablet of paper. Whoa, maybe that is from whence the name came!

Heather R.
Heather R.
9 months ago

You can find a ton of these Christmas sets on Ebay. There’s a lot of variety too. I made these when I was a child with my mom back in the 70’s and early 80’s. They now hang on my christmas tree. We love them!!!

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