Chicago City Hall during Christmas is beautiful

Chicago City Hall in Christmas red and green lights is like the North Pole.

The old marble walls are lit up with alternating green and red lamps. It’s simply majestic.

During lunch I walked from the Tribune Tower down to Daley Plaza looking for Christmas things to photograph. The Christkindl Market in Daley Plaza was pleasantly not busy for 3pm on Thursday. However, I wasn’t feeling inspired by anything to shoot outside at the market.

This year the market has many ornament shops. It was a delight to not have it super crowded inside. I was able to take some photographs inside. It was amazing how all the ornaments in the boxes were neatly arranged. Seriously, many of the ornaments were not just merely in the box, they were PLACED in the box. Birds orgnaments all facing the same direction.

Christmas bird ornaments at Christkindlmarket in Chicago's Daley Plaza

Hungry for some more Christmas photos, I left the ornament shop and looked around the market. Across the street a wreath was hanging on the City Hall entrance. It wasn’t super grand or anything, but cropping in the photo can make it look bigger. I set up my tripod across the street straight on with the entrance, and it was rather nice how there wasn’t many cars or people standing in the way.

I hesitated going inside City Hall, because years ago the security in City Hall did not let me take photos of the beautiful marble arches. I figured I’d give it a try. The worst that can happen is that security tells me to go away.

Security didn’t give me any problems photographing. I kept thinking they would come over, but they never did. In fact all of the main floor on City Hall is one big social club. Everyone is friendly and greeting each other. City hall totally feels like a movie set with everyone asking each other how they are doing. Nobody asked me how I was doing while I stood there with my tripod taking long exposures. Instead I got a bunch of people glancing and looking at me. I would smile back.

I was very happy to take photos of this beautiful interior. I’ll be uploading more to flickr in the coming days.

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11 years ago

great photos as usual, Matt. Christkindl Market is fun. I haven’t been there in a couple years. Usually they are in Oak Brook Center (aka Oak Brook Mall) before it goes to Daley Plaza. Oak Brook Center looks quite festive during Christmas (Advent) time.

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