Art Institute Lions for Christmas 2011

Here’s what the Art Institute should do for their lion sculptures for Christmas 2011. Wrap them entirely in crochet. People would love it.

Wall Street Bull Crochet Yark Olek

Photo from

Here’s what the Art Insitute of Chicago did in 2010:

Chicago Art Institute Lions wearing red bubble Christmas wreaths: 2

And what the lion sculptures wore in 2009:

Chicago Art Institute Lions with Christmas Wreath: 5

What do you think the Art Institute lions should wear for the 2011 Christmas?

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13 years ago

here’s the answer. You ready for it? It’s great. Put each lion in a giant gift box and have just their noses sticking out.

13 years ago

Bring me there!!!! I will take care if it!

Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

Wow! Olek commented on your blog!

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