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how cold will it get in chicago on christmas eve 2004?

2∆í predicted for the high on Christmas Eve to be chicago’s 2nd coldest Christmas Eve ever.

-11ƒ in 1983 was the coldest.

5ƒ in 1972 is the 2nd coldest.

(from Tom Skilling)

What do you think the high will actually be? The winner will receive a free gift bought from the dollar store (shipping included!).

I will be using the official temperature used for chicago and that is O’Hare’s reading. Even though I think Midway should be the official reading since it is truly inside the city of chicago. But the high temperature at O’Hare on December 24 is what we are guessing here.

The last minute you can make a guess is at December 23 11:59pm.

And yes, you can guess the same number as someone else. I will mail out a maximum of 10 prizes to the correct guesses. If there is not exact correct guess, the closest winner(s) will get a prize.
You can enter your guess in the comments box at the bottom of this page


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62 comments on "how cold will it get in chicago on christmas eve 2004?"

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laura k.

i remember back in 1982-ish? when it was super warm. my sister and i wore spring dresses to church on xmas morning. it was weird. no one knew what to do in such warm weather. i predict a perfect ZERO degrees fahrenheit this year.


I predict the high will be 9 degrees.


I’m still waiting for one of those Colorado snow covered Christmas’s they sing about in the songs.. Lived here all my life and I cannot really remember one. Guess I should move up into the mountains.


I predict it will be colder in Chicago than in Denver.. And since the dollar store has many wonderful gifts I shall say there will be a 11 degree high with a 12mph wind. However, if I win, I am not paying for shipping and handling as it will cost more to ship the prize than the prize will be worth.


16 degrees


I’m gonna guess 31 degrees!


1 degree


i say 5. i wanted to say 3 b.c its my favorite number, but i really think it will get to 5. so …… F I V E


it’ll probably be colder at midway, but i say 6. more degrees than the bears have wins.

Molly Jouhet

i say that it will be 3 but will FEEL LIKE -15.