The country with the longest shoreline in the world

And that country is… CANADA! wow. I woulda guessed Russia, cuz it’s got all that shoreline up north, and Russia is just huge. But Canada is no small turkey either.

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laura k.
laura k.
17 years ago

i think canada is great. they are so nice up there.

17 years ago

good for them, they deserve it. you gotta love the canadians.

14 years ago

canada’s great! one of the reasons why i love this country is because my idol, Trish Stratus and other WWE wrestlers are Canadians! there are many reasons to love this country.. but the country with the longest shorelines is the Philippines. go surf the net and see for yourself. 🙂

12 years ago

Well Russia is not second either. Indonesia is at number 2. Guess having 13000 islands helps in increasing the number of beaches and unlike Canada Indonesia is on the equator so the beaches are real beaches and not frozen wastelands like in Nunavat and the Arctic territorie or Russian Siberia. So now you know ; if you want to enjoy beaches Indonesia is the place to go.

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