keyboard my pillow

Oh keyboard you look so comfy.

Let me rest my head upon your giving keys.

You are not like my desk so hard and flat.

Your keys conform gently upon my face.

Let me rest my head against the P key


P stands for pillow, one which you are so nice

You sit in the corner of the keyboard–

much like a pillow on the corner of a bed.

As i turn my face, my nose rests up on the H


H stands for Hibernation, which shall sneak upon me.

While zoning out, drool exits my mouth over the key of N

nnn nn nnn n n n

which stand for naptime. we all like naptime.

Will someone please take my mousepad

and put it over my head as a blanket?

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laura k.
laura k.
19 years ago

don’t short out the keyboard with your drool there.

Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

+Placing mousepad over your head+

19 years ago

you are a nut! but the best nut in the world. you are the kola nut obvioously cuz your so hyped up on your own natural caffeine 😉

19 years ago

someone out there should make a “keyboard pillow.” what a hot seller that would be! this is officially on the list of things that should be made, along with adult versions of “choose-your-own-adventure” books.

Eliana Briones
19 years ago

Lovely poem. Who would of thought that one could be so inspired? Can you include a printer, scanner and fax in there next time?

19 years ago

OHHHH I LOVE IT ! Cosy cosy keyboard….

18 years ago

A B C D E F G…..

18 years ago

A B C D E F G…..

Robert Williams
18 years ago

Not too much more out there is there? Now we all have to make up stuff about other things, like keyboards, T.V.’s and stuff like that, but it was very creative!

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