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Glen Ellyn Clay Meetup membership pending

Having fun crafting your meetup profile

Every time you join a group on, you get asked a set of questions for your profile. The Glen Ellyn Clay meetup┬áhas some fun questions, so I had fun answering them. What are the top 3 things you would like to get out of this group? Get back to working with clay. That would […]

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Untitled spreadsheet on Google Drive

A poem for the “Untitled spreadsheet” in Google Drive

Ever work on a spreadsheet in Google Drive to do some quick sorting or calculation, but then never name the spreadsheet? I’ve done that so many times where I forget to delete the draft spreadsheet. Find all your untitled spreadsheets and documents in Google Drive by searching for title:untitled In the meantime, here is a […]

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screenshot of the Forgot your hat poem

“Forgot your hat” poem

What happens when you forget your hat at a friend’s place? I left my hat at at Bible Study last night. My friend Chris texted me, “U forgot ur hat” Hat is such a fun rhyming word (as Dr. Seuss famously did with Cat in the Hat), so I made my own little “forgot your […]

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Birds have invisible flying cars

Birds have cars. Flying cars. They are invisible flying cars. We just can’t see their cars. but that’s how birds can fly. Yup. Birds leave their invisible cars parked around everywhere. They just hop into one and fly off. They park them in trees and on electrical wires. The cars have a hook, that’s how […]

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IDEA: One poetry line a day from a twitter account

IDEA: One poetry line a day from a twitter account

A friend recently posted on her facebook status, “Goodnight moon… please children, scootch closer.” That’s really neat. I like thoughtful, short, simple poetic quotes. It would be cool if there was a twitter account that posted just one interesting poetic quote a day. A quick search didn’t yield anything. Closest thing I found was @aworldclasspoet […]

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