The Overpass Poem: Nice for cars, not for pedastrians

Ironicsans has an interesting blog post about how overpasses are so handy, yet so forgotten. “Crossing over just a few lanes of traffic, they are simultaneously bridge and tunnel. We pass them and immediately forget about them. They are the unsung heroes of traffic.”

But while they are great for cars, they aren’t so great for pedastrians. I wrote a little poem about this dichotomy.

The overpass.

Great for auto traffic.

Yet cars don’t think about them.

Instead they speed along.

Going to where they want to go.

Destination? Is not the underpass.

The overpass.

Walking dead-ends.

Pedastrians think about them.

They don’t want to walk under one.

Stopping before they get to the underpass.

Destination? Not beyond the underpass.

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