Poem for the neglected elevator

Oh neglected elevator

smells of dead alligator.

Graphitti scrawled on the wall

looking like a urinal stall.

Inside we stand so nervous

did the elevator just go out of service?

Will someone please lend a hand

for this elevator that once was grand.

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laura k.
laura k.
18 years ago

i’d say the same goes for many subway stations worldwide. but if they were actually clean/sparkling, would they be so charming?

Dave Rothkopf
Dave Rothkopf
18 years ago

POEM FOR THE NEGLECTED BLOG Oh neglected blog Smells of dead frog Ideas that once were so new Now so stale and past overdue I visit to find inspiration But all I get is frustration Will someone please lend a hand And set Matt into gear with a plan?

18 years ago

:o) YAY for more blog happiness! BTW, I never noticed the “SPUDART PRODUCTIONS” thing at the bottom of the page. Very nice railroad-track type things around it — I love the effect!

17 years ago

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