Would you rather get paid with coins or chocolate?

A stack of chocolate and a stack of coins

Laying on my desk this morning were a stack of coins and a collection of chocolate. Why would both of these be on my desk?

I run a the Maldre Post Office at my desk on the 14th floor of the Tribune Tower. Tribune employees flock to my desk to purchase from a wide variety of postage stamps. Often times when people don’t come to my desk, they’ll pull some stamps and leave the payments in coins on my desk.

This morning a stack of coins was sitting to the left of my laptop. To the right of my laptop was a collection of Hershey’s chocolates. The juxtaposition of the shiny coins next to the shiny purple foil wrappers was too much for me to not capture. I slid over the Hershey’s chocolates next to the coins for this photo.

It’s fun to think that people could use chocolate as a supplemental currency.

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