Photographing pumpkins behind a fence

Pumpkins are here!

The bright orange pumpkins have arrived just in time for October. Rows and rows of fresh pumpkins sit happily behind a glossy black fence. Soft morning sunlight illuminates the contrast of orange against green.

Pumpkinseed behind a fenceWhile photographing this scene, I wanted to include the fence, but the pumpkins weren’t the heros. The fence was getting in the way, so I placed my phone against the fence to get a close up a pumpkin. The curved handle on this pumpkin makes a great hero for the shot. Plus, the low morning light really brings out some great textures on the pumpkin’s surface.

The fence still made it into the photo through the shadows that fall onto the pumpkin in the foreground.

When composing a photo, sometimes things you really want in the photo (like the fence) don’t always make the composition, but there are other ways to get the subject into the photo (like through a shadow).

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