New summer tradition: Watermelon carving

(photo from Bright Star under creative commons license)

Every year in October we carve pumpkins. There should be a summer ritual where everyone carves a watermelon! Check out the amazing watermelon carvings on flickr.

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Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

Since we carve pumpkins for Halloween, maybe we should carve watermelons for the 4th of July! Though, my favorite thing to do with watermelon [aside from sprinkling super fine salt on the flesh”> is to inject them with vodka.

15 years ago

If i see one of these watermelon carvings in person, I will ask the craftsman if they have any in blue.

15 years ago

how that is some cool carving a similar attempt was made at our work cafeteria, but it ended up looking like a females naughty bits.

15 years ago

I think that these watermelons are really superb and they are mindblowing. I can not take my eyes away of them. I really think this is a great idea.

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