Logos on cylinder products

I’m designing a label for a foam rocket, and recently did some research at Walgreens.

Small cylinder products that lay down horizontally almost always have the main logo on both sides of the product. i.e. candy

While larger cylinder products that stand up only have the main logo on the front, not on the back. i.e. shampoo

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19 years ago

Ah, I see… Is it because cylindrical items that lay down horizontally are prone to rolling, making a two-sided logo desirable to maximize the probability that at any given point in the object’s rotation a logo will be visible? However, while vertical cylinders don’t roll, they do rotate…and when they sit on product shelves, stockers periodically come by and “fix” them so their logos face forward. But – I’ve never seen stockers spinning Life Savers™. Sometimes, I look at random objects and wonder why they are designed the way they are…I like the way ya’ think! 🙂

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