Walgreens offers H1N1 shots in an ICEE machine?

Walgreens has a ICEE machine and an H1N1 vaccine dispenser.

Get your cherry-flavored H1N1 shots! Would you like your H1N1 shot to be flavored as blue raspberry, Coke or wild cherry? Walgreens has a bright yellow sign posted on their ICEE machine stating that people can get their H1N1 shots here at the ICEE machine. Sounds kinda gross.

UPDATE: Within an hour of sending my message, Walgreens called to tell me that the sign is now taken down. The woman on the phone was very nice and appreciative. See, Walgreens totally rocks!

Here’s an email I sent to Walgreens about their H1N1 ICEE shot dispenser:

Dear Walgreens,

I’m a regular shopper at the Walgreens of 430 North Michigan in Chicago. For the entire year, you’ve had a sign up on the ICEE machine saying “GET YOUR H1N1 SHOTS HERE TODAY.” Have you noticed that not many people are getting ICEE’s at the popular Chicago location of 430 North Michigan Avenue? Chicago is having a hot summer this year, and it’s a shame that your ICEE machine is being used to advertise H1N1 shots.

I bet many people, like myself, are afraid to get ICEEs just because it seems to be giving double duty as an H1N1 vaccine dispenser. All logic would say that an ICEE machine is not an H1N1 vaccine dispenser. We all shop based on feeling. Even if I have an urge for a nice cold ICEE, seeing that H1N1 sign makes me feel really awkward. I always have turned away from the machine, because of this sign. I bet many others do as well.

You should consider taking down the H1N1 sign off the ICEE machine. And then you’ll notice a great increase in ICEE sales at this location. I know that for a fact, because I would certainly become a regular ICEE purchaser at this location. I’ll buy enough to make the machine go dry.

I love Walgreens, so that’s why I take the time to write this letter. I want to see Walgreens succeed, especially MY walgreens at 430 North Michigan Avenue. And please give Pilar (my favorite cashier) a little bonus. She’s the best.

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12 years ago

Yea, Pilar rocks. She’s a ray of sunshine on a rainy day where we get 7″ of rain in two hours.

12 years ago

And I agree that I would second guess my desire to purchase an ICEE when there’s a sign at the ICEE station talking about getting H1N1 shots “here”. That’s creepy.

Andre Alforque
12 years ago

LOL! Yeah, Pilar is awesome. And on occasion she convinces me to buy the special at the cash register. They put those signs everywhere! I’ve seen them on the refrigerator for the juice.

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