New Toy Friday: Dart Gun Whiteboard Target

We all know that dart guns are fun at work. They should be a standard office equipment of any good corporate America worker. Right next to your stapler and scissors is your dart gun.

Here’s one way to target higher fun productivity at work:

1) Draw a big fat target on your office whiteboard. Use concentric circles and give point totals to each circle.

2) Determine a shooting range–this will depend on the quality of your gun. Our range was about 15 feet.

3) Instead of shooting just one dart, let each person shoot like 10 darts per turn.

4) Add up the point total for each person and write then on the whiteboard right next to the target. Let’s get some fun competition!

Hint A: For this idea to work, you’ll need a darts that can stick to the whiteboard. There’s darts with suction cups on the ends. Those work ok. But even better are these dart guns being sold at Walgreens that have a super sticky end to them. Think wacky-wallwalker-sticky, but on a dart. It’s called Foam Force Clip Load Tacky Dart Blaster by Imperial

Hint B: Instead of stashing the dart gun at somebody’s desk, keep it by the whiteboard target at all times. That will help to foster spontaneous attempts.

Hint C: Some alternatives to this idea could be drawing drawing an outer circle that is worth double the amount for the bullseye. This helps to reward those whose accuracy is not the best. Or maybe even draw triangles instead of circles. Or even random irregular shapes to make it even more fun.

Hint D: Offer some goofball prize for the person with the highest score. I highly suggest that you get a bag full of trophies like these 4-inch tall gold trophies from S&S Worldwide:

4" Gold Trophy (pk/12)
4" Gold Trophy (pk/12)

On a mailing sticker you can write something like “14th floor Best Sharpshooter.” Or if you are really fancypants, you can get the gold foil mailing labels and run through a printer to make it even more official looking. Then put the trophy on top of the whiteboard and say “Highest score by May 26 wins this trophy!” Play up the tease of the trophy! (and having a date gives it more urgency)

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Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

Still inspiring fun in the Tower, I see. How wonderful!!

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