Include cuteoverload photos with your general mail

Print out cute photos from the internet and include them with your mail.

  • Paying your credit card? Stick a hedgehog in with it.
  • Submitting your student load payment? Slide a squirrel in the envelope.
  • Sending in a rebate? That certainly needs a pug.

Backstory: I bought a couple bags of dark chocolate M&Ms at Walgreens, and out of the register comes a loooooong rebate for a free Real Simple Tote. How can I resist FREE?! I filled out the rebate and put it into an envelope, but the envelope seemed so empty. OH! Why not send them a cute photo from! A trend is born. Share the love.

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14 years ago

Great idea! I should do this to add more spunk to my mails. Haha. Thanks.

14 years ago

the only trick is that your email might be tagged by spam if the recipient sees there’s an attachment included.

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