I like good people and happy art in Chicago

PaperGirl had a nice post about her twitter usage, so I’m making one too. I’ve been tweeting for almost two years now as @spudart. My tweets tend to be about fun ideas and interesting observations. My most-used word is Chicago. So many fun things happening in Chicago, especially when I work at the Tribune Tower. Tribune is my 3rd most used word.

I also like to tweet about things I like. Hence, “like” appears as my second most-frequent word. I like Chicago.

  • “Good” ranks in at #4. I like good things in Chicago.
  • “People” at #4. I like good people in Chicago.
  • “Happy” at #7. I like good happy people in Chicago.
  • “Art” at #8. I like good people and happy art in Chicago.

Here’s my frequency list:

  • 118 CHICAGO
  • 115 LIKE
  • 48 TRIBUNE
  • 47 GOOD
  • 42 PEOPLE
  • 37 TOWER
  • 35 HAPPY
  • 31 ART
  • 31 TIME
  • 31 IPHONE
  • 30 LOVE
  • 29 CTA
  • 26 BUS
  • 26 TEA
  • 24 FUN
  • 24 FUNNY
  • 24 BACK
  • 24 GREAT
  • 23 TRAIN
  • 23 COOL
  • 23 PAPER
  • 23 LOOKING
  • 23 YEAR

I’m so happy that my most-used words are such fun words.

I used tweetake.com [website no longer active] to download the complete archive of my tweets. Then the word counter gave me the numbers. Thanks guys!

Do you think the sentence should be:
I like happy people and good art in Chicago.
instead of
I like good people and happy art in Chicago.

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Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

I think you like Happy People and Good Art : )

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