Least searched-for U.S. presidents

Starting in 2007 the US Mint will be featuring presidents on the dollar coins. Every year four presidents will be featured in the order they took office.

Which president is the least searched-for? I went to overture’s keyword selector tool that tells us how many times a term has been searched. Here’s the result for the United States presidents:

Rutherford B. Hayes: 1,583

Chester A. Arthur: 1,923

Benjamin Harrison: 2,064

Warren G. Harding: 2,119

Millard Fillmore: 2,506

James K. Polk: 2,643

James Buchanan: 2,688

William Henry Harrison: 2,840

William H. Taft: 2,979

William McKinley: 3,091

James Garfield: 3,154

Grover Cleveland: 3,583

John Tyler: 3,593

Martin Van Buren: 3,672

Calvin Coolidge: 3,705

Zachary Taylor: 3,859

Harry S Truman: 4,001

Dwight Eisenhower: 4,016

Lyndon B. Johnson: 4,204

Franklin Pierce: 4,491

Herbert Hoover: 4,962

James Monroe: 5,089

Andrew Johnson: 5,135

John Quincy Adams: 5,480

Ulysses S. Grant: 7,336

Gerald Ford: 7,860

Woodrow Wilson: 10,177

Richard Nixon: 10,207

James Madison: 15,501

Franklin D. Roosevelt: 15,629

Jimmy Carter: 18,906

Andrew Jackson: 19,033

Theodore Roosevelt: 25,255

Ronald Reagan: 33,477

John F. Kennedy: 35,864

John Adams: 43,827

Thomas Jefferson: 46,582

George W. Bush: 56,158

Bill Clinton: 60,091

George Washington: 62,105

Abraham Lincoln: 65,778

Poor Rutherford B. Hayes. Least popular president. He’s my favorite. He loved to play croquet. More about Rutherford tomorrow!

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14 years ago

i guess that native american chick wasn’t too popular with the public. I have about 12 of those dollar coins tucked away.

14 years ago

I love the idea of a dollar coin. England uses a great coin for their 1 pound. It’s a great size. I love the thickness of it. It has a great feel to it. I hope these new dollar coins aren’t too big and thin. I think that’s been the key point of failure for previous dollar coins. They just feel cheap.

14 years ago

It’s good to see that unsung presidents will be represented on the dollar coin. Don’t get me wrong. I love Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson, but c’mon. Let’s get some fresh faces in there. It’ll be fun seeing coins of Pierce, Polk, Taylor and so on. an interesting exerpt from spudart’s link based on the announcement that the dollar coin will feature 4 presidents every year.: “Even though it would take about 11 years to honor all the Presidents (George W. Bush is the 43rd President and the act allows for a coin for each of Grover Cleveland’s two non-consecutive terms), the series may not run that long. The act provides that no former President will be depicted on a coin within two years of his death, and the series will end when all the then-eligible Presidents have been honored.”

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