Ways to indicate laughter online

ways to indicate laughter online


lol (laughing out loud)

lawl (pronounciation of lol)

lolol (adds emphasis of lol)

llol (literally laughing out loud)

lolz (gangsta lol)

rofl (rolling on the floor laughing)

roffle (pronounciation of rofl)

lmao (laughing my ass off)

roflmao (combo rofl and lmao)

other pronounciations:

heh (a minor laugh)


bawww-haw-haw-haw (a guffaw)

hee-HAW (hick laugh)

a-HEEEEEEE a-HEEEEEEE a-HEEEEEEE (dork laugh, when you suck in air, instead of letting it out)


emoticons for laughter:


;-D (winking and laughing)

|-D (big laugh with squinting eyes)

8-D (shocking laugh with big eyeballs)

B-D (laugh with sunglasses)

7:^D (Ronald Regan laughing)

+O:-D (The Pope laughing)

+<||-D (A knight laughing) *<|:-D (Santa Claus laughing) :-3D (laughing with a mustache) O 😀 (Angelic laugh) &-D (crazy laugh) Can you think of any more acronyms, pronounciations, or emoticons for laughter? If so, please leave them in the comments below.

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16 years ago

har (laughter old scool)

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