Things for artists to blog about


–Find interesting work online? Let us know.

–Anything inspired you? What is it?

–What are some past influences on your art?

–Mention any interesting conversations you had with other artists


–Show progress of your works with photos

–Talk about what you think about where certain work is at. “This series is going very well.” “This isn’t going as well”

–Talk about initial ideas for projects. What are they?


–What supplies did you buy that day?

–Where did you buy your supplies from?

–How much does your supplies cost?

–Places to get a good deal?

–What supplies did you find in your basement? the street?


–How does your workspace look now?

–Anytime you change something up in your workspace, let us know. It’s fascinating to see how other artists work.


–Tell us about when you submit work to shows. What loops did you have to go through? What are the steps involved in submitting to a show?

— Is your work in a show? How did the installation go? Were you pleased with the presentation of the show? Anything get bought?


–How do you market your work?

–When you find new ways of marketing your work, share them on your art blog.


–How does your job mix with your art?

–How does your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend mix with your art?

–Who inspires your art?


–Taking any classes? If so what? Share what you have been learning

–What are some past classes that have influenced your art?

FAVORITES (this kinda repeats some of the stuff above, but puts it into a different format)

–Favorite artists

–Favorite gallery/museum

–Favorite places (to inspire you as an artist, that doesn’t have art displayed)

–People that inspire you that are not artists

–Favorite medium

–Favorite topics to put into your art

–Favorite place to buy supplies

–Favorite class (past or present)

–Best marketing technique to promote your art

–Favorite place where you make your art

–Favorite exhibit (past)

–Favorite exhibit (present–one that is up right now, can’t think of one? get out there and start looking around)

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