2006 Chicago Kickball Champions

This fall my kickball team won the league championship! We went undefeated for the entire season therefore making us the undisputed the 2006 kickball champions in Chicago. If you want to dispute it, we dare you to bring the challenge onto the field.

Granted, we won a league that was very poorly organized from Chicago Sports Monster. I would never recommend joining one of their kickball leagues. Next year, we’ll probably go with Chicago Sport and Social Club.

Our team name was the ThunderPigs. In the past our kickball team name was the ThunderKats, but then we were signed up in this league as the Sinister Pigs, but we had these shirts already with the super cool logo Cef designed for the ThunderKats. So we merged the two names into ThunderPigs.

Secrets of our success? Before every pitch we would yell out the number of outs and what bases there were forces at. For example, “ONE OUT, FORCE AT FIRST AND SECOND!” Plus we had the vacuum cleaner of a defenseman at third base, Gaspar. That dude caught everything that came near him. Third base is a very pivotal position in kickball, cuz everyone kicks the ball down the third base line.

Back row, left to right: Gaspar, B, Christopher, Cef Grima, Lisa Wells, Matt Maldre, Chris Cobb, Tim Hilleshiem

Front row, left to right: Stephanie Cobb, Colette McNulty, Nicole Ehret, Colleen Joyce, Erin Brumfield, Cecil (the dog)

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17 years ago

i think gaspar was the secret to our success. its easy enough to get on base, then gaspar would get up there and kick the ball REALLY far.

17 years ago

congrats, thunderpigs!

17 years ago

i think the secret to your success was the Cef Thumbs-Up. I bet whenever your team was down in the dumps, Cef would flash the thumbs-up and everyone went kickball crazy.

Tom Saaristo
17 years ago


Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

I noticed that the first time around but I thought “meh, whatever … they’re kickball champions not silkscreen champs!” Where did that logo come from anyway and how did it come to represent your team?

Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

never mind, I’m an idiot

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