The hidden Buffalo Thorn tree in Photoshop

I went to draw a magenta box in Photoshop. Instead of a box, it drew a “Buffalo Thorn Tree.”

Somehow I accidentally clicked the shape tool to be a “custom shape”. Photoshop decided to draw a tree. Two trees sit on top of my file, because Photoshop wasn’t doing anything after the first shape, so I clicked again, creating a second tree.

If I kept clicking my file would have become a forest!

I searched twitter for: Buffalo Thorn Tree photoshop. No results. Apparently this has not happened to others.

I am running Adobe Photoshop 2021. This tree shape is a new feature in 2020.

Wowsa, the tree shape slows down Photoshop INCREDIBLY. It’s like my Photoshop is now slow as a tree. To save this file with just two tree shapes, it’s taking at least three minutes to crop the file.

Well, now I now I can whip out a Buffalo Thorn tree anytime I want. It’s native to southern Africa. It is a fast growing, deciduous, drought and frost resistant tree. And Photoshop loves it!

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Melissa Bauer
2 years ago

Sounds like Buffalo Thorn trees require lots of time & energy.

2 years ago

I am the prince of finding things in negative space and cannot see a buffalo horn except maybe in the roots but those don’t register. Bravo to those who see it. I haven’t spied it since I first saw this post. Maybe I’m getting old

Last edited 2 years ago by Tom
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