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Whiteboard games


–Guess the number of beans in container


–Caption contest

–Draw map of world with imperative, mark where you want to go.

–Vote on something. Favorite this or that. Hang up drawings.


–Crossword puzzle


–Mark heights of people

–World records of food sizes. Print out images of worlds largest fruits, vegetables, then draw outlines of it on the board. Each fruit is drawn as a concentric within the other.

–On this day in history

–Goofy holidays

–Countdown to something

–Track progress (thermometer)

–Counting number of something, number of projects your office has handled so far this year. Proposals. Words written. Illustrator clicks.

–Track step-o-meter challenge

–Draw the most perfect circle you can

–Heights of world’s tallest things. Mark the actual height off the ground. Tallest person, shortest person. Etc.

–Average heights. Average height for kangaroo. Black bear. Ostrich.


–Grid (see what gets filled in the spaces)

–Desert (see what gets added to the landscape)

–Alient ship floating above horizon

–A bunch of people with empty word bubbles


–Dartboard with sticky dart gun

–Line on board is guide for game. Keep hand at this height and drop a penny into the cup.


–Tape paper onto board with “Lift” written on it. Under the paper is some sort of surprise

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