Gallery of dice types

I’m a big fan of the Dice Collection on:, so I made this chart as a sort of table of contents to the different types of dice shown on that site. Who knew there are so many different types of dice with so many sides! It would be fun to try out board games with these different dices, uh, dies, uh… dice.

D2 DiceD2 Dice
D3 DiceD3 Dice
Rounded-off triangular prism
D4 DiceD4 Dice
pyramidal (also called tetrahedron or tetraeder)
This die does not roll well and thus it is usually thrown into the air instead.
D6 DiceD6 Dice
cube, cubical, also called hexahedron or hexaeder
D7 DiceD7 Dice
Pentagonal prism
D8 DiceD8 Dice
Each face is triangular
D10 DiceD10 Dice
di-pyramidal shape (also called decahedron or decaeder or pentagonal trapezohedron)
Each face is kite-shaped;
D12 DiceD12 Dice
rhombic dodecahedron or dodecaeder
Each face is a regular pentagon.
D14 DiceD14 Dice
heptagonal dipyramid or
Each face is in the shape of an isosceles triangle.
D16 DiceD16 Dice
octagonal dipyramid
Each face is in the shape of an isosceles triangle.
d24 diceD20 Dice
icosohedron or icosaeder
D30 DiceD30 Dice
triacontahedron or triacontaeder
Each face is in the shape of a rhombus (diamond-shaped).
D32 DiceD32 Dice
D34 DiceD34 Dice
D50 DiceD50 Dice
D100 DiceD100 Dice

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17 years ago


Kevin Daniel Allen Crenshaw

i don’t think there is a great need for them. Just a way for people to say they could create it.

Christian Le Sueur
12 years ago

My gosh, why do need a dice that high up? I mean, it makes good for gambling, guessing a range of number or something, but for a dice or board, I can’t see them being used. >< Nice chart though, gives me an idea of what I’m looking into.

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